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Book Endorsements

“Through original paintings and written reflections about this art and her personal experiences, Ann inites you into her world. It is a place of healing and spunky raw truths, a shared space in her heart. There, you are given ways to explore your own experiences by writing or making art, encouraged by Ann's ideas and open questions. This visual memoir of emotional and physical healing gives everyone permission to discover greater understanding of sexual abuse. Readers will see with fresh eyes through the stories Ann tells and the pastel images that go beyond words.” – Marjorie Isaacs, Psy. D. Psychologist

“Ann is what we might call a “therapist's therapist.” In her powerful book HEALING CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE Ann gives us tools for discovering and resolving our own wounds and the wounds of others for whom we may serve as guides and counselors toward healing and wholeness. Ann Owen's wise and sensitive, heart-centered words and ‘works of art’ allow our bodies and minds to find respite and insight along the path to recovery. Brava, Ann! Thank you for your courage and artistic vision, love and gratitude.” – Dr. Rebecca A. Martin

“Ann's book is a guide so helpful to any victim of childhood sexual abuse. As a developmental psychologist, I have learned that young children have no way to conceptualize their abuse or abuser. Number 1, because often symbolic language is yet undeveloped, and Number 2 – and more to the point – they have no knowledge of sexuality – nor should they! Abuse is experienced without words – abuse is experiences, stored and retrieved in emotions and imagery. Healing and health happens when you have the courage to be your own hero or heroine. Ann’s book is a precious guide and touchstone; Ann clearly speaks your language. Lean on her. Once you do, you will find validation and the inner strength you ALWAYS had! Bless you, Ann, and bless you, reader!” – Anne Conkin, M. Psy.

“Ann Owen presents the reader a process to uncover the hidden mysteries of the psyche. She is candid in uncovering and reporting to the reader her hidden depths. Her ability to find her truths gives the reader the hope and belief that they too may discover and release their own source of pain.  I have known Ann for twenty years and she has been doing persistent work on her own mental and emotional healing, clearing out blockages fo fear, resentment, and pain. She is loving, creative, and insightful. I am in awe of her amazing psychic ability to perceive past life and ancestral experiences, which probably could not have occurred without here clearing out the barriers of torment from her childhood.” – Arleen Carr, M. Ed.

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