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Alpha and Omega

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Beginnings and endings seem to surround us. Environmental extremes: volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, fires, snow and ice storms, and intense heat keeps occuring. Images in the news: war in Ukraine, reminders of covid, inflation, political unrest and social injustice...all create stress. No wonder many people struggle with loneliness and fear. With all this confusion it is sometimes difficult to feel joy and love. Yet, that is precisely what we need and are created for. What makes a difference for you? How do you protect yourself?

I find peace in nature. Here the white light and blessings from heaven can surround me with hope. It is like a column of White Light that protects me. Solitude is important in finding my purpose, my next step.

The Alpha and Omega symbols arch over the woman. She is nurtured by both dark and light. Waves flow into her on the right and a verdant forest ground her on the left. White light swirls down from above, separating the dark and light areas. The red energy-shapes on the right were part of the underpainting, yet seemed intrical to the composition.

(I always beginning a painting with swirling, free form, energetic red paint. Red symbolizes my connection with all people everywhere and creatures on our planet. Usually, it gets covered; this time it stayed.}

This painting is the beginning of a series exploring where I am today.

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