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Division and Confusion becoming Healing and Rhythm

My today is filled with world and local news that is often depressing and conflicting.

I sometimes feel helpless and depressed.

Political movements are changing our lives. There is war and chaos. Social media is powerfully swaying people's opinions, how we react, what we believe. Sometimes, I think I will pull away, yet that is not an option for me. I want and need to be informed. So I decided to try to paint The Division.

I added a background of the Chakra colors hoping they might help soften the tension. Instead the color strokes added to the anguish.

The Division

I realized that I needed to begin a painting for healing. I started with birds, interlocking circles of red and blue and a green planet. Soon I realized that butterflies were going to be symbols of angels. They became a flock of 8 above and 7 below. A total of 15 unique butterflies each with their individual wisdom and power. With the arrival of Earth Day, the planet became a blue/green space (thanks to Carl Sagan) and the Red/Blue circles began to loosen their rigid grip and division.

The Healing

I believe that my images have power to affect change. This is my prayer.

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