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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

In North America birds fly thousands of miles, south for the winter and north for the summer. There are thousands of birds flying above the flight patterns of airplanes. We are often unaware of their migration. They navigate by the sun and moon, lights from the stars, mountain ranges, and shore lines.

Some birds are born with the wisdom to return to the same areas year after year. Birds remember where to stop for food and rest. Humans have created innumerable problems in the environment that have decreased the population of all species, especially birds. Land patterns are interrupted, trees are sometimes clear-cut and roads open areas which often means the food supply for birds is diminished or gone. People move into previously wilderness areas frightening some species of birds. Cities with bright lights confuse and blind birds.

An amazing fact is that birds can fly thousands of miles resting one side of their brain and use the other side of the brain in flight and then revert back. Each year their physiology changes with the seasons. Wings and other parts important in flight growing stronger for migration then, upon reaching summer nesting areas, they revert and develop those organs important for mating and caring for the young.

Sadly, the numbers of birds is diminishing. Some are almost extinct.

The Migration

The beginning of Migration.

Migration of birds makes me think about the migration of people at the southern border in the United States. We have not solved the problem of the complex movement of peoples from South America and Africa and other areas fleeing poverty and persecution. Immigrants keep arriving, risking their lives for the hope of living in a free country. Many people fleeing war in Ukraine and Afghanistan arrive with some of the same trauma. The needs related to migration are overwhelming.

I am surrounded by so much plenty. How do I create balance when there is so much need? This is a time of transition. A time of fundamental change. I stand with an open heart, share when I can, bring acceptance and joy. I pray.

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